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What will remove graffiti?

First consider how many different kinds of graffiti tags that can be caused by permanent marker, inks, scratching, etching and thousands of spray paint colors, as well as thousands of spray paint formulas made by so many different manufacturers combined with countless different surfaces that can be tagged. Therefore it is best to choose a graffiti remover made for the specific kind of graffiti found on a specific surface. For example try TAGAWAY for painted and smooth surfaces and try TAGINATOR for masonry surfaces.

Will paint thinner remove graffiti?

It is possible that paint thinner might remove some permanent marker ink graffiti or some low quality fresh spray paint graffiti off of a very smooth nonporous surface along with a little scrubbing. However for all other challenging graffiti removal of off painted and smooth surfaces you will need a product specifically formulated to do so such as TAGAWAY. For removing spray paint graffiti of off brick, block, stone, concrete and stucco you will need a special graffiti remover like TAGINATOR designed especially for removing spray paint found on masonry surfaces used along with a pressure wash rinse.

What removes spray paint?

Many solvent chemicals like acetone, MEK, naphtha as well as paint removal products can remove spray paint. The real question is what surface is the spray paint on? For painted and smooth surfaces choose a graffiti remover like TAGAWAY made special for those surfaces. For Masonry surfaces choose a product like TAGINATOR made to remove spray paint graffiti off of concrete, precast blocks stone and stucco surfaces.

How do you use graffiti remover?

Some graffiti removes such as TAGAWAY for smooth nonporous surfaces are designed to be spray applied out of a trigger spray bottle, let set then wipe clean with a dry absorbent cloth, towel or rag. For graffiti on porous masonry surfaces, you can spray apply a liquid remover such as TAGINATOR, let set then pressure wash rinse.

How do you remove graffiti from a painted surface?

The rule of thumb is that the painted surface must be more durable than the graffiti that needs to be removed. Said another way is that the graffiti needs to be less durable than the surface that it is on. This rule holds true with all graffiti removers and be wary of ones that use the words safe on all surfaces. Many graffiti remover are too aggressive and damage the underlying painted surface. TAGAWAY is formulated to be just the right potency to remove graffiti while preserving the underlying painted and smooth surfaces. However follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always do a small pretest before attempting a large area.