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Graffiti vandalism has become such a common issue that people across the country are often searching for the answer to one question: “how do you remove graffiti?” Virtually every City, County, municipality, school district, industrial zone, transportation authority, building or home owner, and maintenance contractor in urban and suburban locations find that they must contend with the difficulty of removing graffiti.

1) Ineffective Graffiti Removers

If getting tagged with graffiti is not bad enough, consumer products sold at home centers and so-called “professional grade” products bought at contractor stores fail to work for all surfaces and applications.

Those products are simply ineffective, overpriced, and bad for the environment, which can make the graffiti removal process more aggravating than getting tagged in the first place.

2) Don’t Paint Over

Property owners who get so fed up with ineffective graffiti removal products and don’t know how else to remove vandalism often turn to painting over graffiti.

Simply painting over graffiti is not an appealing option.

It’s unattractive, and invites more graffiti — especially on roadsides and underpasses. Painting over graffiti on historic buildings further diminishes its aesthetic appeal and value.

3) Don’t Sand blast

Of course, we all know how damaging abrasive blasting is to building surfaces — and who wants to damage buildings? Not us. It’s also slow, expensive, and requires lots of clean up.

Don’t waste your valuable time and money on products and methods that will ultimately fail you.

4) Avoid unnecessary Anti-Graffiti proof clear paint coatings

When you resort to anti-graffiti proof clear paint coatings, the results will be less flattering than you’d hope. In most cases, these products will eventually fail, look worn, and will ultimately need to be removed.

The above options are usually attempted, but how do you remove graffiti properly and effectively? The best way to get rid of graffiti vandalism is to turn to TAGINATOR® and TAGAWAY®, the industry’s best graffiti removers. The good news is that these two environmentally friendly graffiti removal products work consistently — and all year round. Our products are the best graffiti removers available. They work in hot and cold environments and on all surfaces and applications. Call us today for the best graffiti removal solution available!

The good news is ETS Company’s two environmentally friendly graffiti removal products work…work consistently….
and work year round in hot and cold environments for all surfaces and applications.


Graffiti Removers with Tomorrow In Mind...

TAGINATOR removes vandalism from unpainted masonry surfaces

brick and stone buildings,
cinder block and stucco walls,
concrete and slate walkways,

aerosol enamel paint sprays,
lacquers, inks,
high temperature engine paints,
acrylics and traffic line coatings and
even multi-layered graffiti without damage!

Works in all climates (hot & cold) and surfaces (wet & dry)!
TAGINATOR® Graffiti Removal product is so effective
the need to pre-coat masonry with sacrificial or permanent graffiti proof coatings is not necessary.

TAGINATOR Graffiti Remover is easy to use, works quickly and is cost effective.


TAGAWAY removes vandalism from smooth and painted surfaces

street signs,
truck bodies,
school lockers,
aluminum poles,
stainless steel buses & trains ,
window and glass blocks,
public bathrooms
trash receptacles
Vending machines
Garage doors
and much more


latex or enamel paint sprays,
lacquers, permanent marker inks,
and adhesives

TAGAWAY Graffiti Remover is a blend of biodegradable ingredients that make it
safe, fast, and effective in hot and freezing temperatures.

It’s so easier to use, without causing damage!

Just watch as TAGAWAY attacks graffiti on all these smooth and wipe-able surface.

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Our Graffiti Removal Products are PREFERRED BY:
For over 20 years now both TAGAWAY & TAGINATOR Graffiti Removal Products are still preferred by:
Public Works and Housing Authority Directors
Parks & Forests Administrators
Highway, Bridge & Mass Transit Crews
School Superintendents
Home Owners
Shopping Malls Maintenance Managers
Trucking Companies
Exterior Maintenance Companies
Real Estate Management Firms
Public Graffiti Removal Programs

All these EXPERTS all across the country use our products for their difficult to remove graffiti vandalism. They found nothing else ever really worked, caused damage and always cost too much.

All Government and School entities may call us to buy with a PURCHASE ORDER payable net 30 days!

Environmentally Friendly

We are proud to say TAGAWAY & TAGINATOR Graffiti Removers are:

Biodegradable Fast acting
Free rinsing
Professional strength
V.O.C. compliant
With a fresh & clean scent.
Without Phosphates
Without Methylene chloride
Without Acids
Without Carcinogens

Taginator - (M)SDS Sheet – Click here.pdf
Tagaway - (M)SDS Sheet – Click here.pdf

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We Guarantee

Both TAGAWAY & TAGINATOR graffiti removers will be free of defects and
always made with the highest quality 100% biodegradable ingredients available.
Made right here in the U.S.A. in our home state of Pennsylvania near Philadelphia.

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Contractor, Municipal manager, Building Owner, Home Owner and everyone else, order TAGAWAY and TAGINATOR now to have your graffiti problems FIXED forever!

Make your community happy, your parks clean and children safe.

The Best, Most Effective Graffiti Remover On the Market

Street Art, when in the proper place, is often appreciated by not only art enthusiasts, but by the general public as well. Unfortunately, countless properties are defaced by graffiti “artists” whose work falls short of a masterpiece. Graffiti is typically an eyesore and can drive away customers, prospective home buyers, and residents of the community. Unwanted or offensive spray paint graffiti can also discredit and tarnish the area’s reputation. Not to worry — we have the solution you need.

The World’s Best Graffiti Remover

Getting rid of unwanted graffiti is a challenge that property owners are frequently up against — and more often than not, they’re unsure how to remove the vandalism without damaging the surface underneath. Don’t let removing your graffiti be more aggravating than getting tagged in the first place! Most people resort to painting over the vandalized surface and think this is the best way to restore the building to its former aesthetic appeal; unfortunately, this is not the case. Rather than using paint and products that contain harmful chemicals, you can use a product that is not only affordable, but effective too. That’s right — we’re talking about TAGINATOR®, the best commercial graffiti remover solution on the market. For over two decades, our products have helped countless customers tackle graffiti and restore defaced areas. Our products are used by numerous government organizations, schools, and property owners across the globe. What distinguishes our products from others who have attempted and failed is that results are quick and efficient — in other words, they actually work!

Taginator® Graffiti Remover for Masonry

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a product on the market that not only removes stubborn graffiti art, but that is affordable and fast-acting. TAGINATOR® is specifically designed to remove vandalism from unpainted masonry surfaces including brick and stone buildings, cinder block and stucco walls, and concrete and slate walkways. No matter the time of year, whether in hot or cold climates or on wet or dry surfaces, TAGINATOR® removes graffiti created by a range of vandalism methods. TAGINATOR® works to remove aerosol enamel paint, sprays, lacquers, inks, high-temperature engine paints, acrylics and traffic line coatings, and even multi-layered graffiti. Our masonry graffiti remover vigorously tackles the toughest stains without causing damage to the original surface.

TAGAWAY® For Smooth Surfaces

TAGAWAY® is the leading choice for an effective smooth surface graffiti remover. The great thing about this product is that it is an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to commercial products that are filled with harmful chemicals. TAGAWAY® removes vandalism caused by latex or enamel spray paints, lacquers, permanent marker inks, and adhesives from smooth and painted surfaces such as:
  • Street Signs
  • Truck Bodies
  • School Lockers
  • Aluminum Poles
  • Stainless Steel Buses & Trains
  • Window & Glass Blocks
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Vending Machines
  • Garage Doors
TAGAWAY®, one of our best graffiti removers, is a blend of biodegradable ingredients that make it safe, fast, and effective in hot and freezing temperatures without causing damage to the surface underneath. The process for getting rid of stubborn graffiti is effortless with the world’s best graffiti removers.

Taginator & Tagaway Graffiti Removal Products Strictly Comply With:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) limits
  • Compliant w/ EPA, California (CARB)
  • Clean Water Act Priority Pollutants
  • Northeast States (OTC), and other air quality districts
  • California Safe Drinking Water Act (Proposition 65)

Our Products Ingredients’ Do NOT Appear On the EPA’s List of:

  • HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • Toxic Release Inventory
  • List of 17 Targeted Chemicals
  • Extremely Hazardous Substances


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