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The Original Graffiti Removal Products

Our graffiti removers, were developed in 1990 when the City of Philadelphia asked us if we had anything to combat vandalism of this nature. The city at the time was being over taken with graffiti and the city was looking for a better alternative to removing the blight. At the time they were just painting over the spray paint, but the government wanted no traces of it. So ETS company developed Taginator graffiti remover for Masonry Surfaces and Tagaway for signs and other durable painted surfaces. That is where the story starts…

Graffiti Removal by Taginator Graffiti Remover

Then we realized what a great spray paint remover we had and decided to go public with it. This was way before the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes started selling other products that claim to be graffiti removers, but are really just glorified paint strippers. These products claim to lift off and wipe away graffiti, but really only work on smooth surfaces and almost never work for the tough jobs that are found on stone and brick under passes. Employees at these big box stores will claim that products like this will work, but 95% of the time the end user comes to us looking for a fix for their graffiti that the Home Depot or Lowes product could not remove.

Then came the up rise of other graffiti removers, that were designed for the tougher bare brick and stone vandalism. These products came into the market at lower prices and with more coverage than Taginator.However, what these products don’t tell you is that all of the time you will need to apply a second coat of their product to make it effective or you might even need another product that removes the “shadows” left behind by the spray paint they removed. So, now you are into this product with two coats and a second product to finish the job. This will cost you more in chemical and more in labor time, than simply buying the world’s best graffiti remover Taginator in the first place.

In closing trust the graffiti removers that have been eradicating spray paint, marker and other paints before big box stores even gave this important social issue a thought. Buy Taginator and Tagaway the only biodegradable graffiti removers that actually work!