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Graffiti Remover to lift off Spray Paint – June 1st, 2019

Graffiti remover Taginator is your number one choice when it comes to lifting off spray paint, enamel and other paints from almost any type of porous surface. Whether the surface be cinder block, brick, cement, sandstone or even asphalt, we have multiple sizes of our graffiti removal product here.

Nobody likes to see spray paint or other gang style markings on their homes or places of work, so we at Taginator.com came up with an industrial strength solution to an ongoing problem in today’s world. Our spray paint remover was built to remove the toughest of paints form the most porous surfaces we could think of, but are very easy to use and still gentle enough to lift off even the scrawling of child who accidental got paint on their parents property.

Spray Paint Graffiti being removed with Taginator and a pressure Washer

When it comes to removing graffiti fast, effective and in one shot, no other products compare. So whether you are a public works director or school grounds worker that needs paint stripped away or if you are a home owner who got tagged or simply had your child get into your paints. Our industrial strength paint remover is what you need. Spray, Delay & Wash Away! It’s really that simple.

Get yourself a gallon of Taginator and a TagSprayer. Cover the whole area of the offending paint you want to lift off. Let it soak or dwell on the surface paint for about 5 to 15 minutes. Then power wash it off.

Have questions if our products are the right choice and are the best graffiti remover for your problems? Give us a call toll free at 1-888-TAG-PROD today and dial ext. #114 to content directly to a graffiti removal specialist today!