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Tagaway paint removal spray cleans latex paint – June 20th, 2019

Recently a friend of mine picked up an outside bar table and chairs for absolutely no cost from a neighbor of his. Only down side to the acquisition of this item was that the top glass part was totally covered in a gray latex paint that had hardened to an unbelievable finish baking in the hot east coast summer sun. He tried to lift of the paint with a razor, and got about a 6 inch strip done in about 3 to 4 hours. That means it would have taken him forever to remove the paint that way.

He called me and asked if we had any product to remove paint. And I told him about Tagaway graffiti remover. Which, while its name implies unwanted spray paint removal, it is also very very good at removing almost any paint or maker from any smooth, painted and durable surface. Even glass that is found on outdoor picnic and bar tables.

Tagaway lifts away latex paint on this bar table top

Long story short, he got a quart of our world’s best graffiti removal product for smooth and painted surfaces and in about 15 minutes all the latex paint was removed from the table top. Tagaway, he said was the best paint remover he had ever used and made his razor blade and turpentine procedure archaic.

He will now use Tagaway for all his paint removal needs, and is aware of Taginator which is our industrial strength biodegradable spray paint remover for stone and porous masonry surface. So if you have paint or marker anywhere you don’t want it, give Tagaway or Taginator a try. You will be as impressed as our friend was.