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Taginator & Tagaway Products Celebrate 20 Years of Graffiti Removal Perfection

For more than two decades, countless government administrations and private organizations have turned to Taginator and Tagaway graffiti removal products to restore surface materials which have been defaced by vandalism. Whether it’s spray paint or permanent marker, there’s no shortage of graffiti tagged across towns and establishments nationwide.

Prior to the creation of these two revolutionary graffiti removal products, property owners and administrators were forced to rely on expensive, yet ineffective chemical solutions which were hazardous to the user, the surface beneath the graffiti, and the environment in general. Those products either left traces of the vandalism, requiring property owners and managers to waste resources by painting over the surfaces entirely, or they caused the surface to fade or deteriorate.

Since the innovative Taginator & Tagaway products became available on the market over twenty years ago, they have become the affordable, eco-friendly graffiti removal solutions of choice for schools, public works, and property owners across the nation to restore defaced surfaces of nearly every material known to mankind. Both products work flawlessly in hot or cold environments for year-round graffiti removal. Users can simply spray the soiled surface, wait a few minutes for the solutions to break down the tough layers of the tag, and then rinse away with water.

Individuals or property owners who are interested in finding out more about the benefits of buying Taginator or Tagaway biodegradable graffiti removal products are encouraged to reach out to Taginator and their team of professionals by visiting their website or giving them a call today at 1-877-824-7763.

About Taginator:

In a city with the historical significance of Philadelphia, countless properties and landmarks are defaced daily by aspiring street artists and mischievous youth looking to leave their mark on society. Not only does vandalism decrease the quality of life in a community, but constant cleanings are also an expensive, yet necessary burden property owners must manage. For over 20 years, Taginator & Tagaway products have provided customers with an easy, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to erase graffiti and permanent markings without causing harm to the surface of building materials.

Find out more information about their products and tutorials at http://taginator.com.