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A loyal contractor who uses Taginator and Tagaway graffiti removers regularly sent this image in. Duane Wood of Premium Power Wash LLC. Was hired to remove the “No Parking” signage at an establishment. The job was unique as it required both of our graffiti removal products to be used in order to completely remove the spray paint. Taginator was used to remove the spray paint from the concrete driveway, along with a hot pressure washer and a TagSprayer he made quick work of the stencil. Then he applies Tagaway graffiti remover to the smooth metal surface and took the spray paint right off with a simple wipe of a rag.

The process too little to no time as our graffiti removers work fast, work safe and work effectively the first time. The contractors customer was so impressed with the spray paint removal, that he is putting the word out about our graffiti removal products, which aren’t just for graffiti!

If you need a graffiti remover to take spray paint off any stone or porous surface get Taginator. If you need to remove spray paint or permanent marker off any smooth or already painted surface get yourself some Tagaway. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and need graffiti or even legal paint removed from your business or dwelling give Duane Wood of Premium Power Wash LLC a call he can help you take care of your vandalism problems quick.

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