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Are you in charge of keeping play ground equipment clean. Do the kids at you school deface the equipment with permanent marker? If so we have the marker remover for you. Tagaway is a permanent marker remover that will make quick work of graffiti on any plastic or metal play ground equipment.

Need a spray paint remover for your fleet of vans or other work trucks? In everyday life work cars and trucks become the victims of senseless graffiti attacks.We have a solution to remove paint off your car. The clip above shows how fast and easy spray paint removal can be. Get yourself Tagaway the best paint remover for cars. Even if you just need to remove paint spots from a car this graffiti remover will do the job fast the first time.

Another use for our marker remover is for streets and public works departments. It doesn't matter what type of marker is used on your signs, be it a magic marker, sharpie or any other permanent marker graffiti Tagaway will clean it off the sign with no damage. The example above demonstrates how our permanent marker remover cleans this no parking sign back to it's original state.

Spray paint removal is not only for cars and vans, but are also used on tags on other everyday items like dumpsters. The video above shows Tagaway graffiti remover in action as dissolves the spray paint on a painted metal dumpster. Our product would also remove acrylic paint and is the best latex paint remover on the market today.

Metal chain link fence can become the center piece for a child's imagination. Tagaway marker remover will quickly clean these fences of permanent marker. In the demonstration above magic marker was removed in under 30 seconds, returning the metal pole to it's original condition.

Another type of fence that is often vandalized by graffiti are made of vinyl. These fences cost a lot and all is not lost if they are tagged with any type of magic marker. The clip above shows the fence being cleaned of permanent marker. With a cloth and some Tagaway graffiti / marker remover you won't even remember what was written on there in a few minutes.

The video above shows spray paint removal using Tagaway graffiti remover from a smooth painted wall. You can see in close ups how our product dissolves the spray paint leaving the underlying surface in pristine condition. Had this paint been acylic or enamel Tagaway would have still removed the paint in a flash.

Office equipment and other surfaces indoors can also become marked up with magic marker and other permanent pens. Tagaway works indoors as well as outside and will help remover marker from most metals and plastics found in and around the home or office. In the example above the permanent marker is removed off a file cabinet even before we begin to wipe it. There is no bad smell or adverse reactions to the cabinet when it is cleaned of the marker.

If you have a dock at your company, you may become a victim of graffiti. Permanent marker removal off of galvanized metal doors like in the video above is an easy job for Tagaway. This demonstration for the City of Camden in New Jersey shows how effectively our product makes quick work of magic marker removal.

School or office white boards, sometimes get written on with non dry erasable markers. When this happens people tend to throw away and replace the white board. You don't have to do that. With Tagaway marker removal from the white board is and easy and economical fix for that situation. Even if the correct dry erase marker is used, sometimes the boards become dirty with age. This video shows how to restore the board to a more usable condition. What's this mean for you? It means that you don't have to spend extra money replacing your white boards, when you can just refreash them with a marker removal product like Tagaway.

Metal bus stop, pay phone booths and even support poles all eventually will get some graffiti on them by either spray paint or marker. Tagaway graffiti remover sprayed onto the paint will quickly and with minimal effort remove the spray paint for the metal or painted surface. Even the plastics at bus stops can be sprayed with our product to dissolve the spray paints and markers used on them.

In the clip above you can see how fast Tagaway dissolves the spray paint from this metal air conditioner unit outside of a home. The application of this graffiti remover onto the smooth metal finish does no damage to the underlying metal or it's coating, while quickly and easily removing the spray paint from the top surface.

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