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When your home or business is vandalized by one of the town’s aspiring graffiti “artists,” it’s
likely that their work falls short of a Banksy street art masterpiece and you’ll want to get that
removed right away.

For generations, graffiti has been a tool of the American counterculture and disgruntled youth.
Whether it be schools, malls, parks or along the freeway, nearly all urban and suburban
environments across the country are immune to graffiti. Though the people responsible see their
“artwork” as victimless crimes, unwanted or offensive graffiti can ruin the reputations of property
owners and negatively impact their business.

Graffiti Removal from Concrete with Taginator Graffiti Remover

No matter why you’ve been targeted for a tag, you’re going to want it removed right away. Your
options are to cough up some cash and hire a professional or roll up your sleeves for a
weekend of scrubbing with ineffective cleaning products that are bad for your property and
worse for the environment.

That is, until now! Our experts at Taginator have synthesized a liquid solution that is graffiti’s
worst nightmare. Our Taginator & Tagaway graffiti-removing sprays are cost-effective, eco-
friendly and biodegradable; they’re also safe for use on both masonry and nearly every surface
material one could imagine. No matter if the town’s teens have defaced a historic stone statue,
or they’ve stenciled up the street signs across the city; there’s no easier, quicker, or more
efficient way to vanish vandalism than with Taginator.

Remove Spray Paint & Graffiti In 3 Steps

  • Spray - Using our specially designed Tagsprayer pressurized sprayer, one gallon of Taginator or Tagaway (for smooth and painted surfaces can be sprayed from a quart bottle) soft surface solution will cover up to 300 feet of any vandalized surface!
  • Delay - Allow 5-20 minutes for the multiple levels of permanent marker or spray paint to break down on a molecular level.
  • Wash Away - Use hot or cold water to pressure rinse the entire surface and watch the property destruction disappear! (with Tagaway just spray on to the smooth or painted surface and wipe with a clean cloth until graffiti is gone, then rinse with water to stop the active product in Tagaway.)

When you trust Taginator for your graffiti removal needs, you’ll never have to worry about
paying too much for an ineffective cleaning product ever again. Say goodbye to painting over
your property’s walls with unattractive anti-graffiti coatings.

If you are the owner of home or business which has been impacted by unwanted graffiti or
vandalism and are looking for the answer to your property-protecting needs, give our team of
experts a call today at 1-877-824-7763 or visit our contact page to inquire about purchase
orders. We look forward to helping you vanquish vandalism in your community!