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Tagaway graffiti remover for smooth and painted surfaces is the only product you will need should you be in charge of a school.

Whether you have spray paint, marker or other vandalism on your play ground signs on the outside of your property, or even on your lockers, bathroom stalls, tiles, mirrors and any other non porous surface this is the graffiti removal product for you.

Remove Graffiti with Tagaway on Play Ground Slide

Simply order a quart of this graffiti remover here or even a case of quarts and get to removing that spray paint or marker faster than the kids can put it up. All you have to do is open the quart trigger bottle to spray on the product, then let it sit a bit. Once you see the paint or marker start to run, take a clean rag or even paper towel and gently rub away the vandalism starting at the top most left corner of it. Work you way down and over until all the offending spray paint or marker is gone. If you happen to see a little left on the surface you are cleaning, spray Tagaway onto it again, let it sit then wipe again. Once the whole surface is free of the blight, you can then use a water rinse in the form of a spray bottle or even sponge and bucket to stop the activation power of Tagaway.

Tagaway graffiti remover has been used in schools and by cities since 1990, and is the only product that the City of Philadelphia has been using for it's graffiti abatement for years. No other product works as fast, safe and is biodegradable like this one is.

Graffiti Removed from Play Ground slide.

Do you have an even bigger job that needs to be done? Get over 5 gallons of this by going here. This size will typically remove and clean over 6500 Square Feet of spray paint, enamel and marker from most smooth and or painted surfaces.

Need more proof? Visit our YouTube Page by going here and view all the video testimonials we have collected over the years.