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A graffiti cleaner for any problem – August 8th, 2019

We at Taginator.com strive to cover all types of vandalism on almost any surface with our line of graffiti cleaner products. This is why we have created Taginator and Tagaway. There is just no way that one product can cover all the different surfaces and paints that can be used by hooligans to deface your property. No matter what the other products say that are carried by the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes, it’s just not possible. Different surfaces require slightly different chemicals to work at cleaning the graffiti.

Taginator was created for almost any type of stone or man made rough and non smooth surface. Such as brick, concrete, limestone and other masonry. Along with a pressure washer, Taginator will easily and safely wipe away spray paints, lacquers, latex paints and markers from any surface listed above as well as a host of ones you may never have thought of. Items like boulders and other slabs of large stones in state parks that are the perfect spot for vandals to hit, and our graffiti removal product with a brush and a bucket of water will make that paint disappear quickly.

graffiti cleaner Taginator 1 gallon

Tagaway is our other graffiti cleaner that was developed for smooth and durable painted surfaces. Items such as street signs, trains, bathroom stalls and even school desks are all areas that people have issues with others writing on with marker and paints. This graffiti remover is so simple to use, you just spray it on and wipe it away. That’s it! After the offending graffiti is removed you simply spritz with water to stop the active ingredient and move on to the next tag.

Lift off graffiti with Tagaway

So the next time you need to clean graffiti off different surfaces, and find yourself in a big box store looking at all the products that claim to remove all paints and markers from any surface remember what you read here. Get the right product for the right surface, and then no paint or marker stands a chance. It’s the right graffiti cleaner for the correct surface that matters the most. Get the world’s best graffiti remover here today and say goodbye to graffiti tomorrow.