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Spray Paint Removal from Brick.

So, what happens when your nice clean brick gets tagged by vandals, with an image of Bart Simpson? Well, since you didn’t want it there in the first place you need to have it removed. Taginator is the perfect product to remove that spray paint from your brick building in a flash. All this contractor had to do, was spray a little Taginator onto the offending Bart graffiti and then pressure wash it away. It was really that simple, because he chose the right graffiti remover the first time. He didn’t waste his time with other products sold at big box stores that claim to be a graffiti removal product. Taginator is the only product out there on the market to remove spray paint off of brick the first time with no shadows or the need for shadow removers.

Spray Paint of Bart on Brick Wall

We as a society need to wipe out graffiti that’s not wanted. We need to be the watch dogs and report this vandalism to our towns and cities and get them on the path to removing this blight. Most cites will claim it’s too expensive and not in the budget. Well, if you have a product that works the first time the right way, your costs are minimal. Don’t paint over or use product that will not remove spray paint from brick surfaces. Get them to go to Taginator.com and order a 5 gallon pail of our graffiti cleaner and a TagSprayer and have them start removing these tags fast.

Remove Spray Paint from Brick with Taginator

If your governments won’t or can’t do it, find a pressure washer contractor in your town and get them to add graffiti removal to their repertoire. They have the machinery, they need just the correct graffiti remover to make quick work and return your brick buildings back to like new condition as seen in this video below.

Still having trouble, give us a call and we will try to help you do the job yourself as sometimes it can be a DIY graffiti removal situation. Or we can help you find someone who can do it for you like a graffiti removal contractor who did this clean up.

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