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Newark, NJ - Metro Hydraulic Jack Graffiti Removal - Jan 1st, 2021

This graffiti removal project was performed by Chris Wisniewski of Blown Away Dust-less blasting. He can be reached at chris@blownawayblasting.com or by phone 732-521-8324 or 732-799-9554.

Give him a call to have graffiti removed off of your property.

Here are examples of Taginator and Tagaway and what they can do for your vandalized company.

Before Graffiti Removal

After Graffiti Removal

Taginator was used on this building to remove years of spray paint, oil based paint and even marker. The offending graffiti didn't stand a chance when the world's best graffiti removal product Taginator was applied.

More examples of our graffiti removers here on this job.

Tagaway was used on the above doors to remove layers of paints and markers from the surface. Bringing them back to their original looking design.

If you need help in the NJ area give Blown Away a call at 732-799-9554 {Smart Phones Click to Call} or email them at chris@blownawayblasting.com

If you are not in the NJ area and need to remove graffiti or any type of paint or marker from your building or property Click here to order some of our elite graffiti removers here.