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Graffiti removal spray Taginator cleans away vandalism – July 15th, 2019

Our graffiti remover Taginator was recently used in Milledgeville, Georgia by Eco Power Clean, LLC. Pressure Washing to clear away paint from the new State Troopers building. The building was originally built and used as one of the largest insane asylums in the 1970’s and 80’s had fallen into disuse and as with buildings like this, that lead to vandalism and defacement by graffiti “artists”. The paint used on this massive blight ranged from latex to spray paint and may have even contained some oil paints. Taginator lifted them all away with ease. This multilayered graffiti didn’t stand a chance when our biodegradable product was placed on it.

Just check out the before and after photos, as well as video stills of this extra thick paint being slowly removed over the course of about 12 hours. The blight was removed and the State Troopers and their team couldn’t be happier.

Eco Power Clean, LLC. Pressure Washing can be contacted for Graffiti Removal as well as any other cleaning project you need by phone or by email:

Phone # 478-412-7799

Email - [email protected]

You can also access their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ecopowerclean

And as always don’t forget about our other product Tagaway for removing paints and markers off of smooth and durable painted surfaces. We also carry the TagSprayer to make applying our products easy and safer. Also, we have 1000’s of parts, kits and pumps for all the most common types of pressure washers that are on the market today, that are used in graffiti removal. So if your machine is down, don’t be out of work give us a call or go to our site and get your power washer back up and running today.